Kids make great artists – all that endless time-to-kill and unencumbered creativity. When I asked my 4yo what she was drawing recently she said ‘a fairy queen on a trampoline’ as if it should be the most obvious thing in the world.

I have since heard about a wonderful mother/daughter collaboration whereby illustrator Mica Angela draws the head and face and her 4yo daughter completes the body. The outcomes are imaginative and whimsical – a dino-man, mouse-lady, mermaids and peacock-people.

The process of collaboration, letting go, not being so rigid in a particular project or process is really the essence of creativity. After looking over these lovely illustrations I have made a point of taking more notice of fairy queens on or off trampolines and other ingenious musings – you just don’t know when they might come in useful.

You can read more about Mica here: