They say all good things must come to an end. Don’t know if I believe that entirely, but I suppose in my heart I had to know that Kat wasn’t going to be part of the Boheem Team forever and ever.

Today was this dear girl’s last day with us. Kat has found an exciting opportunity to bring some variation to her career path and explore a different aspect of design, and will be working just up the road in a studio similar in size to ours. Those of us left behind are pretty devastated, as anyone who’s worked with this vibrant, and incredibly talented young woman will appreciate.

Thanks, Kat, for everything you’ve brought to this little family. Your utterly contagious positivity, your unending creativity and your generous spirit. You’ve been with us through some really significant times in Boheem’s history, and we know that this place will be experiencing a Kat-shaped void for quite some time. We think you’re completely wonderful and wish you all the best in what’s ahead.