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DIY Stationery for Boheem


As part of the on-going ‘Boheem Turns 10’, celebrations we have recently updated our logo and stationery.

We have produced a custom rubber stamp, which can be stamped onto blank letterheads, envelopes, notepads, brown paper – you name it. It creates a unique, little bit rough, little bit textured custom print each time.

It is economical, environmentally friendly (we only stamp what we need) and is strangely addictive, fun for the whole studio!

She Led Her Exhibition



In celebration of International Women’s Day, the ‘She Led Her’ exhibition showcased the works of 8 female artists practising in Sydney today. The works encompassed a diversity of mediums as well as documenting artists at varying stages in their career. Our very own Katherine Johnson was represented and two out of three of her beautiful geometric studies sold on the night.

The series of graphic patterns were based on the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day – ‘Inspiring Change’. Each pattern depicts a positive change in direction, symbolised with the use of colour and orientation. Each highlighted section focuses on inspiring change no matter how small the gesture.

Katherine Sabbath Cake Baker Extraordinaire





Katherine Sabbath refers to herself as an ‘Over-enthusiastic High School Teacher who on occasion, bakes the world a better place.’

These cakes are amazingly creative, witty and full of personality. I don’t remember any of my high school teachers being even vaguely this inspiring!

And yes, more cakes like this will definitely make the world a better place.

Ashfield’s Carnival of Cultures


The previous Ashfield Carnival of Cultures identity had a long and healthy life span of about five years… and whilst we were a tad sad to be moving these files to the archives, we were also pretty excited about sinking our teeth into a new look for 2014.

We ‘digitally decorated’ an Ashfield park tree with multicoloured, multicultural icons and gave the event a new super animated, energetic and fun design. It’s such a lovely community event, I’ll be heading down on Sunday 16th March for sure!

Boheem is 10!


January 1st, 2004, Kass and I sat at our home-made desks in the corner of her lounge room, Apple G3s at the ready, and wondered if the phone might ring. We were only a few years out of university and had an incredible ride ahead of us, scattered with some exhilarating ups, a handful of downs, and a few hefty learning curves.

Ten years on, with now so much behind us, we’re more excited than ever about what’s ahead. To this landmark season, we’ve done nothing short of a complete overhaul of our business. We’ve rearranged, repainted and redecorated the studio, built ourselves a new fancy website and taken a long hard look at what services we’re offering and how we can make it all better.

We are now on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and will be snapping, tagging, liking, posting and sharing throughout this year and beyond. I’ll be telling you more over the coming weeks about what’s been going on and how you can more easily keep up with what’s happening. We hope you like the new us!

You don’t say

Not really sure whether to laugh or cry when I read through these “what not to say to a designer” posters. Have a look at all 27 here:

While I’m here, thought I’d address the fact I haven’t been in touch much lately. I assure you this is not the beginning of the end. This year has been a huge for Boheem – we’ve been working on some really great projects… it’s been both challenging and rewarding but has left me with little time for sharing it all. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to. Stay tuned!

Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden is a wonderful website which allows you to peer into the homes of creatives who live all around the world. They give generous insight into living in their environments as well as providing inspiration for our own interior spaces. To take a look go to

Inez Daily

The problem with ‘effortless style’ when it comes to fashion is that it does, in fact, take some degree of effort. I work full time, and when I’m not at Boheem I’m running around after my two-year-old daughter, trying to keep some level of order in my home, making sure I see my treasured friends and giving my husband the attention he deserves. Even though I realise it’s important for one to look good in order to feel great, keeping on top of what to wear and how to wear it has unfortunately become very low on my list of priorities.

So, I’m leaving personal styling from now on to Inez Daily.

There are puh-lenty of fashion blogs out there, but if you’ve been looking for someone to follow who knows their stuff, look no further. Inez has been a stylist for almost two decades and truly loves her craft – and it shows. Her approach is light-hearted – she believes fashion should be fun and never intimidating – and her findings show consistent intuition, beauty and creativity. And since she does the work/ home juggle herself, I know she gets it.

Oh, and branded by Boheem!

DIA Masterclass

The branding master class 2013: Andrew Hoyne of Hoyne Design, Dayne Moffitt & Linda Jukic and other leading lights of the graphic design community in the same room discussing branding design & other relevant cool stuff.

The participants of the DIA, 4th master class are all graphic designers, visual communicators with at least THREE years in the industry. It’s a day for practitioners to learn more about the discipline of branding. It’s being held on Saturday 14 September, 2013 in the Terrace Room at The Australian Museum on the corner of College and William Streets, Sydney. The number of tickets available for the masterclass is limited to fifteen.

Tickets cost $200 plus gst for DIA and AGDA members and $250 plus gst for non DIA members. For more information about the day or reserving tickets contact Jacqueline Hill at jack©

See you there!

Leave it at home

Little type study encouraging people to think before bringing peanut products to places where children with allergies could be exposed.
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