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Desk space for rent @ Boheem!

Desk space for rent @ Boheem!


I’m just going to go ahead and pretend that it hasn’t been over 2 years since my last post. Two years! No time like the present to breathe a little life into this little blog. Which, let’s be honest, doesn’t have a huge readership, but I like to think that at least my mum and a handful of others are checking in from time to time. Hi, Mum!

Anyway, about the desk space.

I work a couple of days from home now, and so we have 2 desks available for sublet in our secure studio in Surry Hills. We would love to share the space with a couple of freelancers or small biz. I’m thinking PR or social media agency, web developers, branding consultant, copywriter, illustrator or similar like-minded creative. Oh, not copywriter actually, we are too noisy and rambunctious and will disrupt your train of thought.

We’re on the top floor and get loads of natural light. You’re welcome to our wifi, printer, scanner, 1x spare iMac, fridge, coffee machine, meeting table. BYO laptop, favourite mug and plants. Lots of lovely break-out areas (see pic) and we’re 1 block from Central Station. $400/ month per desk. Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Semi Permanent 2015

Semi Permanent 2015

about_02BIG_skislope_4 BeciOrpin_Arro-hero

2015 brought an incredibly talented lineup of creative speakers from all over the world to Semi Permanent last weekend and a few of our designers were lucky enough to attend the event. They shared some of the inspiring knowledge they learned over the 2 day conference with the team.

Friday’s event was highlighted by the WXD Panel including Editor in Chief Scott Dadich from Wired Magazine; Graphic Designer and Partner at Pentagram, Natasha Jen and Architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG. Natasha’s thought provoking talk resonated the most as she took us through her creative processes and included a few case studies with some extremely challenging obstacles and how she overcame these with persistence and calm.

The most fascinating speaker of the day was Denmark’s Bjarke Ingels, who took us through some of his most innovative and resource conscious projects while explaining the importance of play and playfulness in design. One of the projects he discussed was how he will resolve Copenhagen’s excess waste issue into a waste-energy powerplant and combine this structure with a 31,000-square-metre ski slope that will trail down the roof, allowing it to double-up as a new visitor attraction.

Melbourne’s The Company You Keep and illustrator Beci Orpin were also among the stellar lineup on Friday and both delivered some very engaging discussions on how they find their inspiration.

Kass’s Australian Tour


It’s Throwback Sunday, and look what I’ve found! This is me and my terribly clever business partner on the night of our graduation, almost exactly twelve years ago. It wasn’t that long after this that we decided to bite the bullet and set up our own design studio. By ‘studio’, I mean small corner of Kass’s Surry Hills apartment, where we sat about 3 feet away from each other on our fancy, speedy Apple Emacs. I’m pretty sure neither of us even had a mobile phone back then – but we had a landline, and darling Kass would make me a cup of tea and give me a high five of encouragement after every 20 cold calls.

We have continued to work about 3 feet away from each other, until now. Last week, Kass packed up her house and piled her family into a (specially designed and styled within an inch of its life) caravan with a plan to explore this great south land from now till Christmas. She’s still working with us and her clients, but remotely – in the most remote, back-of-bourke sense of the word.

I feel like I’m missing my left arm.

All’s not lost, however. There’s so much ahead for us this year which I’m excited about. To begin with, Kass and I have just launched a new business. It’s called Austockphoto, and basically our vision is to create a carefully curated, comprehensive collection of authentic Australian imagery – so that graphic designers like ourselves as well as people from other artistically driven industries can access relevant and beautiful shots of local people, spaces and objects which tell a real Australian story. As you can see, this fits very comfortably with the trip-around-Australia idea. Check out the website so far at

Second, we have welcomed a talented Senior Designer to our already brilliant and capable team. Gil will be wearing Kass’s shoes as well as carving her own path at Boheem. She’s come from an advertising agency, is smily and smart, and has already proven to be a great asset. We’re really excited to see where Gil takes some of our campaigns and brands this year.

And finally, for all of us not in a caravan waking up to waves crashing on the shore or Lorikeets singing at our window, we get to vicariously live through those who do. Follow the Pine/Hunts as they adventure their way around the countryside: check out the Austockphoto blog or find them on Instagram (austockphoto).

It’s a girl!!

It’s a girl!!


When Claire packed up and left the studio on Friday afternoon after another busy week, little did we know Dylan would be joining us the next day!

Cute as a button with a shock of black hair, Dylan Jean is the newest honorary member to the Boheem team.

Congratulations to Claire, Aaron and big sister D’arcy. We all look forward to watching this little lady grow.

A sad day for Boheem


They say all good things must come to an end. Don’t know if I believe that entirely, but I suppose in my heart I had to know that Kat wasn’t going to be part of the Boheem Team forever and ever.

Today was this dear girl’s last day with us. Kat has found an exciting opportunity to bring some variation to her career path and explore a different aspect of design, and will be working just up the road in a studio similar in size to ours. Those of us left behind are pretty devastated, as anyone who’s worked with this vibrant, and incredibly talented young woman will appreciate.

Thanks, Kat, for everything you’ve brought to this little family. Your utterly contagious positivity, your unending creativity and your generous spirit. You’ve been with us through some really significant times in Boheem’s history, and we know that this place will be experiencing a Kat-shaped void for quite some time. We think you’re completely wonderful and wish you all the best in what’s ahead.

Boheem is 10!

Boheem is 10!


January 1st, 2004, Kass and I sat at our home-made desks in the corner of her lounge room, Apple G3s at the ready, and wondered if the phone might ring. We were only a few years out of university and had an incredible ride ahead of us, scattered with some exhilarating ups, a handful of downs, and a few hefty learning curves.

Ten years on, with now so much behind us, we’re more excited than ever about what’s ahead. To this landmark season, we’ve done nothing short of a complete overhaul of our business. We’ve rearranged, repainted and redecorated the studio, built ourselves a new fancy website and taken a long hard look at what services we’re offering and how we can make it all better.

We are now on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and will be snapping, tagging, liking, posting and sharing throughout this year and beyond. I’ll be telling you more over the coming weeks about what’s been going on and how you can more easily keep up with what’s happening. We hope you like the new us!

Gingerbread houses 2012

Gingerbread houses 2012

Gingerbread house decorating has become a bit of a tradition at Boheem, and for the past week this studio has had about as much sugar in the air as Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This year to add an extra challenge for ourselves we decided to decorate our houses according to movie themes… you’ll have to guess who do what and based on which movie!
Merry Christmas to all of our treasured friends. We’re closing the door here in about an hour and will be opening it again at 9am on Monday 7th January. Till then, thanks for all your support and for being one of about a thousand regular readers of this blog, take care and enjoy a fabulous festive season…
A baby BOY for Kass!

A baby BOY for Kass!

Sorry I’ve been off-air for the last week or so… we’ve all been a tad busy since Kass checked out to have her baby! Little lovely man: I’m one of the lucky few who’ve met him already and he is very cute indeed. 
Peoni typeface used for this a little girly I know, but I love it and have been waiting for an excuse to try it. The boy thing is a bit new for us all… Sullivan is the first baby boy at Boheem after a run of four girls!
Font Design Master Class

Font Design Master Class

My obsession with type began many years ago when as a small child I used to watch my grandfather set lead type for printing with his clunking, trusty Heidelberg letterpress machine. I also used to pour through my dad’s type books – he had a great little collection since hand-lettering signs was a hobby of his, and I believe he used to make a few extra dollars making signs for local business around town.

Which is why I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Masterclass being run by DIA – the last of three workshop days in the series. It’s an all day event at the Australian Museum 17.11.12 (soon!). The lineup includes Dr Louise McWhinne from UTS plus type designers Wendy Ellerton and Dan Milne. Cost is $200 for DIA members or $250 for non, and they’re saying that participants have 3 years’ experience in the industry. If you’re interested, drop a line to my dear friend Jacqueline Hill: to let her know. Be quick, places are limited.

Put the Spray Away

Put the Spray Away

We recently developed this campaign for the Asthma Foundation of NSW, the challenge being to encourage teenagers in school change rooms to switch their hair and deodorant sprays for non-aerosol equivalents. Asthma is a disease which we are all familiar with, and it’s particularly rewarding to have the opportunity to help increase awareness for these issues.

Lauren De Lange from AFNSW shared some of the feedback with us in a recent email:

“I just wanted to touch base with you to inform you that we have received an incredible response to our schools aerosols and asthma campaign. Below is some feedback from teachers:

‘Thank you very much for sending through the “put the spray away so we can all breathe a little easier” posters!  What a great idea, we have placed the posters in both our change rooms. Being an all girls school we are constantly reminding the girls to not spray – the great thing about the posters is that they give the reason why students shouldn’t spray the deodorants/body spray/hair sprays in a very easy to read appealing manner.’

I just wanted to say thanks for much for all the efforts you and your staff made in developing the posters for us; they have really hit the mark with this group and have appealed to both teachers and students.”

Thanks to Siobhan from The Writers’ Group who helped out with the copywriting for this project as well. It was a wonderfully successful team effort!

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