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Love your work

Love your work

Boheem Design was recently featured in “The Transit Lounge”, which is part of the Uniting Church of Australia and an online magazine focussing on relationships, reflections, lifestyle and culture. Check out the editorial here. Not sure how big their readership is, but we feel a little bit famous in any case!

Mei moves on

Mei moves on

They say that all good things come to an end… and whilst I’m not really prepared to fully embrace that as a life philosophy, it’s what comes to mind when I try to understand why Mei couldn’t work for us for 30 years. Our fabulously talented designer has moved on to other (not greener or greater I’m sure!) pastures, and we are very sad to say goodbye. Mei has worked with us for almost 4 years, and in that time she’s been responsible for much of the beautiful branding work we’ve done for UnitingWorld, PLC Sydney, The High Tea Party and many more satisfied clients, who I know will miss her as much as we will. The team headed out to Toko Crown St on Friday for a farewell lunch.

Wanted: a new clever Boheemian

Wanted: a new clever Boheemian

Seems to be a season of change at the moment. We’re excited to be offering a design position to the right someone. Here’s the job description… and hope to hear from you soon!
Boheem is a small independent design studio based in Surry Hills, with great clients from a variety of industries. We’re looking for a full-time mid-weight graphic designer with focus, creativity and at least 3 years’ experience to join our team.
This is a great opportunity, and a rare one in our agency. If you are wanting to work on challenging projects in a happy and inspiring studio environment and think you fit the required skill set below, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for someone with:
• Strong conceptual thinking
• Established problem-solving skills and intuitive approach to visual communication
• Experience with brand development and roll out
• Excellent finished art skills with neat, methodical file set up for print and digital production
• An eye for detail
• Ability to time manage and multi-task to meet project deadlines
• Capacity to work independently as well as in a team
• Thorough knowledge of Adobe CS
• Competency to liaise with clients and suppliers
This position provides scope for you to develop your professional skills further and work in collaboration with other talented designers and experienced art directors. Salary package will be dependant upon experience.
Please email your resume and pdf portfolio (under 5mb) or website link to Claire: with “Mid-Weight designer position” as the subject. Only successful candidates will be contacted regarding appointment times.
Boheem shortlisted for the Desktop Create Awards

Boheem shortlisted for the Desktop Create Awards

Yesterday we received word from Desktop Magazine that two projects we have worked on over the last 12 months have been shortlisted for their prestigious Create Awards! We are so thrilled. We have been nominated in two categories: firstly the UnitingWorld Prospectus above in the Commercial Print category, and secondly the St John wall mural in the Illustration category. The winners are announced September 17th.

A new Boheemian!

A new Boheemian!

Last month following (or overlapping with) Jane’s departure, we were joined by Bec Plummer, our new studio manager. Bec has a background in marketing and brand management, and has also a little experience with web development. We’re already enjoying having Bec around, and now that the studio manager’s role has grown to be a full-time one, we know that Boheem’s design team as well as suppliers and clients will be glad to have someone on hand to ensure projects are completed well and on time. And now with Chantel back from her adventures in Morocco (etc) we’re a full house again… the studio’s buzzing and we love it!
Taking it to the next level

Taking it to the next level

I believe it’s said that the key to change is found in letting go of fear. So we’re all working away in the studio at the moment, trying our damnedest to let go of all things comfortable and familiar which was CS3, and move forward to embrace the latest and greatest, interactive, options-laiden new release of Adobe’s ‘Creative Suite’. So we’re all a tad daunted by the changes to the software… makes us feel like we’ve been dressing ourselves with someone else’s wardrobe so far – nothing is fitting right just yet (despite the hipness of the clothes). But give it time, and I do believe the perks will outweigh the awkwardness of change. A few great new tools for us and some which I feel sure our clients will hugely benefit from as well.
Jane’s Tree Change

Jane’s Tree Change

As our clients and friends of Boheem know, Jane never does things by halves. After working with us for over two years as studio manager, she’s moving on to a very different and possibly greater challenge: she’s picking up and moving out of Sydney to live on 100 acres just inland from Port Maquarie… and is due to have her 2nd child in about 5 weeks – just as the boxes are unpacked. Big changes ahead… and we’re all really excited for her.

Jane contributed so much to the studio in the time that she was here. She brought energy and wisdom to the workplace, and was always prepared to jump in to any project to make it work (and delivered on time). All of our clients and suppliers warmed to and enjoyed working with her: the constant stream of flowers and gifts coming through the door on her last day was testament to that. She’ll be greatly missed.
Watch this space for an introduction to our new studio manager, Bec Plummer.
Welcome Katherine

Welcome Katherine

We’ve had a little growth at Boheem. Katherine (aka ‘Kat’) Johnson joined us a couple of months ago, and we thought it was high time she got a proper introduction on our blog. Kat studied at Enmore TAFE and has just recently graduated. She was recommended to us by our friend Jacqueline Hill, a lecturer at the college (thank you Jacqueline!!). Kat has a good handle on all things concept development, and has a particular strength for hand-drawn design. Check out her portfolio at
Boheem in the Park

Boheem in the Park

Last Sunday, we donned our designer black tees and sneakers to take part in St John’s Walk & Talk. This was a long awaited day -the result of many months of planning with St John to brand the event and raise money for a new bus. Badges, waterbottles, hats -our playful little logo was everywhere and it was great to see it all come together.
The weather was glorious, the enthusiasm of all the volunteers and members was remarkable to see, the sausage sizzle was oh so satisfying after a long walk in the sun, and the St John band was just a delight.
Cheers to St John for putting on a great event.
Studio Manager Position at Boheem

Studio Manager Position at Boheem

You may already know that after 2 years, Jane is moving on to greener pastures (literally: she’s heading north to live on a farm..!) and so we’ll soon be (re)opening the position of studio manager here at Boheem.

We will be interviewing through March and planning for a 3rd May 2010 start date.

We are a small, happy team of girls working in Surry Hills with really great clients from a variety of industries. We’re thinking this would be a permanent part-time or full-time role. It’s a perfect opportunity for someone with a creative edge and a background in management wanting to work in a place where they’ll feel busy and important – because that’s indeed what they’ll be!

We’re looking for someone mature, organised and level-headed who can show initiative to ‘get things done’. This position is client facing and involves budgeting, scheduling and reporting for individual clients. They will be required to foster client relationships, as well as having input into longer term marketing projects. Often the role is heavily account handling focussed.

Here’s a list of the sorts of day-to-day tasks a studio manager here undertakes:

Project Management
• Meeting / corresponding with clients to collect all briefing information/content for projects
• Organising content and preparing brief/ job bag for use in the studio
• All quoting including printers & other suppliers
• Supplying quotes to clients and following up
• Liaising with clients on projects, ie sending initial concepts pdfs, seeking feedback, managing amendments which may include briefing session with designers or marking up draft PDF’s
• Time management – tracking jobs to ensure they are completed on time and that extensive changes are managed & billed, keeping the client informed at all times where a job is at
• Expectation management for the Studio and clients – ensure it is aligned
• Follow-ups: checking that clients are happy & satisfied with processes & final product, addressing any issues raised
• Keeping Filemaker up-to-date and directing Monday morning WIPs
• Helping clients with all their needs & making them feel special

Supplier Management
• Meeting with printers
• Print sample checking and sending via courier
• Sourcing suppliers for unusual requirements ie special envelopes

Studio Management
• Creation/development of studio work systems
• Assistance with Boheem marketing
• Stationery and post office purchases
• Invoicing

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