I went to the Design Museum the other day to take a look at the Brit Insurance Design of the Year Awards which showcased 99 of the most innovative designs (product, fashion and graphic) from around the world. It was amazing. I found this particular project by London based studio kennardphillips that I thought I’d share not only because of the impact it had on me, but because I saw a relevance in the work that we at Boheem do.
Cafe of Equivalent$ was a food stall set up in the bustling financial district of London which sought to question how much diners should pay for their food by equating their salaries with the cost of lunch for a worker in the producing countries such as Mozambique and Indonesia. Backed by research that a worker in Mozambique spends 10% of their $2 daily wage on lunch, Cafe of Equivalent$ started charging $181 for a bowl of soup and bread -that is, 10% of the earnings of the average bonus-earning banker. Now that puts things into perspective!
A simple and brilliant idea supported by beautiful graphics makes this project hard to forget. It’s so great to see how visual communication can be used in a powerful way to engage viewers, provoke thought and instill a strong message.