It’s Throwback Sunday, and look what I’ve found! This is me and my terribly clever business partner on the night of our graduation, almost exactly twelve years ago. It wasn’t that long after this that we decided to bite the bullet and set up our own design studio. By ‘studio’, I mean small corner of Kass’s Surry Hills apartment, where we sat about 3 feet away from each other on our fancy, speedy Apple Emacs. I’m pretty sure neither of us even had a mobile phone back then – but we had a landline, and darling Kass would make me a cup of tea and give me a high five of encouragement after every 20 cold calls.

We have continued to work about 3 feet away from each other, until now. Last week, Kass packed up her house and piled her family into a (specially designed and styled within an inch of its life) caravan with a plan to explore this great south land from now till Christmas. She’s still working with us and her clients, but remotely – in the most remote, back-of-bourke sense of the word.

I feel like I’m missing my left arm.

All’s not lost, however. There’s so much ahead for us this year which I’m excited about. To begin with, Kass and I have just launched a new business. It’s called Austockphoto, and basically our vision is to create a carefully curated, comprehensive collection of authentic Australian imagery – so that graphic designers like ourselves as well as people from other artistically driven industries can access relevant and beautiful shots of local people, spaces and objects which tell a real Australian story. As you can see, this fits very comfortably with the trip-around-Australia idea. Check out the website so far at

Second, we have welcomed a talented Senior Designer to our already brilliant and capable team. Gil will be wearing Kass’s shoes as well as carving her own path at Boheem. She’s come from an advertising agency, is smily and smart, and has already proven to be a great asset. We’re really excited to see where Gil takes some of our campaigns and brands this year.

And finally, for all of us not in a caravan waking up to waves crashing on the shore or Lorikeets singing at our window, we get to vicariously live through those who do. Follow the Pine/Hunts as they adventure their way around the countryside: check out the Austockphoto blog or find them on Instagram (austockphoto).