About Us

Boheem is in the business of solving problems and creative innovative and intuitive visual communication for projects we believe in.

We are all about carefully crafted, consistent design that recognises and embraces the foundations of a brand whilst staying relevant and being unafraid to tread new paths. Whether yours is a start-up or a 100-year-old organisation, increased faith in your brand brings real value. This is our end goal every time.

An intentionally small team, we spend time meticulously refining detail whilst keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Whether it’s an annual report, an e-commerce website, a social media plan or signage and wayfinding system, we take a no-fuss approach to everything we do. In other words, we’re easy to work with.

We are committed to meaningful collaboration. By taking the time to understand our clients and their people, we produce work with clear, cut-through messaging that brings audience engagement and in turn, real and measurable growth.


Branding + Strategy

Personality & Positioning, Brand Architecture, Naming, Identity Design, Logo & Icon Design, Brand Guidelines


Food and Beverage, Health and Skincare, Point-of-Sale


Website Design, Apps, UI/UX, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy


Signage, Way-finding, Exhibition and Events, Interior Graphics


Publications, Magazines, Reports, Brochures, Newsletters

Oh! And also...

Illustration, Infographics, Typography, Photography, Copywriting, Translations