Everything in Common Gift Catalogue

Being given a gift you don’t want at Christmas time is the ultimate first-world problem.

But, thanks to organisations like UnitingWorld, there’s a solution. Instead of buying stuff that people don’t need, you can choose a gift from the ‘Everything in Common’ gift catalogue, and gift a person or a community in a developing country something they really need: like a goat that’ll provide milk for a family, or chickens, or a kid’s backpack for school.

UnitingWorld has been supporting life-changing overseas projects and helping people move towards a better life with this campaign for years, and each year Boheem is invited to evolve the brand just a little more. We love being part of this project, knowing that by creating a beautiful engaging catalogue and helping ensure that buyer journey is easy and enjoyable, we are playing a key role in making sure that the campaign is a success.

What’s more, we’ll never turn down an opportunity to hand-craft some assets. The gift cards each year are designed and developed entirely in-house.

“Creative, passionate, flexible, fast and fair – these are the outstanding attributes of the team at Boheem.  For eight years, they’ve been helping craft and communicate our brand and vision, delivering material for appeals, campaigns and website design with the kind of love and care you usually only find in-house.

Boheem created our Everything in Common brand for our Christmas Campaign and have consistently offered us new ideas and design insights, always with a perceptive understanding of our audience. They’re quick to grasp a concept and evolve it in new directions or change up styles that need some new life. The team are as much about people and relationships as they are about images on a page, and it makes all the difference. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Cath Taylor, Content Coordinator