One Tree Coffee Co.

One Tree Coffee Co. is a boutique Espresso Bar in Newcastle NSW. They offer a small range of quality coffee blends, including their very own iced coffee, bottled in the store and sold within a day.

When set about to visually articulate a brand’s identity, ensuring that it “looks good”, “on trend” or perhaps “won’t date” are always considerations. But it’s when we do a bit of digging we find a richer, deeper and more interesting layer – about the heritage of a place, the philosophies behind a business’s existence, the ‘spark’ that drives its owners and has consumers tuning in – it’s the essence in these things we aim to communicate as that’s what will drive the aesthetic.

For One Tree Coffee, we took reference from Newcastle’s coal and steel industries as well as the old railways used for transport of these goods. We used elements found in vintage train tickets and railway signs to give the brand a unique position and an endearing charm.