Vivienne’s raw food recipes and delicious vegan culinary creations have always been a talking point in her local community in Central West NSW. After a number of years of following a largely raw vegan lifestyle and seeing the incredible health benefits first-hand, Vivienne saw an opportunity to peruse her passion and show a wider audience how amazing raw food really is. The Rawries startup soon started up, and kicked off with yummy raw health bars and chocolate.

This was a client with a limited budget but endless ideas for future products. We looked to create a packaging system that worked across different flavours and varieties, offering longevity for the brand.

Rawries needed to carve out and secure a space amongst everyday retailers for raw plant-based snack foods. We looked to tap into a non-commercial and artistic, hand-drawn style and produce packaging that was beautiful, appeal to a large female consumer base and would of course stand out in the crowd.