Wellbeing with StateCover

StateCover provides specialised workers’ compensation insurance to Council workers in NSW.

In order to retain the interest and engagement of its members, StateCover launched a new initiative called ‘Wellbeing’. This sub-brand would exist as an extra service-offering to members. It became a mega-library of downloadable resources as well as health services such as cancer-screening, mental-health checks and fitness programs would all be made available.

This sub-brand was to have its own identity, but of course, it needed to sit under the StateCover master brand. We borrowed colours from the StateCover palette to create one for Wellbeing, and developed an identity that was just a little less corporate and a little more fun.

The feedback from members has been extremely positive with uptake on the Wellbeing programs on offer continuing to grow.

Illustrations: Paul Hallam

Stylised illustrations were developed as well as a custom icon suite. These not only served to strengthen the brand aesthetic but also helped overcome challenges sometimes faced when finding best-suited photos for messaging. This was particularly useful given that some of the communication material focused on sensitive health issues.

Boheem designed and managed the build for the Wellbeing website. This online tool required a tonne of planning and user-experience considerations: it included favourites and a user login, complex filters and a whole lot of planning; we provided recommendations throughout the project for content and UX journeys, always thinking ahead and considering big picture requirements.

“Boheem were an extension to our team whilst we developed and launched our new website. They were involved in every aspect of this major communication project from the project management and branding strategy through to the design, functionality, user experience and content management. We sought their advice and valued their every contribution.  The result was a roaring success.”

Miriam Hill, Health and Wellbeing Engagement Specialist