Lost River Honey

Some clients come to us with a year’s worth of market research under their belt and a load of ideas they would like us to explore. Others have a simple and worthy end-goal in mind, and approach us with a blank page for us to fill.

We love working with both kinds of people.

Dave and Di are honey farmers living on the outskirts of Sydney. They knew they needed a label, but didn’t know quite where to start. What could be a brand story they could adopt, feel proud of, and feel a passion to want to talk about when down at the local on a Friday night?

After a few late nights trawling through historical archives about their local area, we discovered a wonderful little piece of history. Apparently, millions of years ago, there was an ancient river system that flowed through their town, and it was known as the Great Lost River.

The name stuck like honey… and the packaging design suite which followed was also a tremendous success.