Sushi World

There’s a wonderful energy that comes working with people in business who really believe in their product.

SushiWorld was established in 1996, and is now a chain operating Australia-wide. It was started by brave, pioneering Sue Sone (AKA ‘Sushi Mum’), who migrated to Australia with her family.

For the SushiWorld rebrand, we paid respect to the store’s heritage and implemented an updated illustration of ‘Sushi Mum’ in red as the key brand mark and also developed a complementary suite of bespoke illustrations.

An overhaul of a brand like this means that all the touchpoints need to be revisited. We looked at everything – uniforms, packaging, stationery, brand guidelines, digital menu boards, store fit-outs, as well as a new e-commerce website for their growing market.

Food photography: Ben Hansen


The SushiWorld rebrand is a perfect example of how elements can come together to tell a compelling brand story: type, illustration, beautiful photography, pattern, clear messaging and considered brand language – when the pieces come together consistently it ensures customer faith and loyalty and in turn, business growth every time.