Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Brands evolve and change over time, and with each new product or communication piece put out by Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, it’s our challenge to do something that’s clearly identifiably¬† ‘Seven Miles’ whilst at the same time. With each a little bit new and different.

As with many of our clients, our relationship with the wonderful people at Seven Miles is an ongoing one. We are more like their design department than simply a supplier, and they know that we as gatekeepers for their premium brand, will ensure consistency, care and creatively for every project.

We write copy, plan packaging systems, offer consultancy, design typographic wordmarks, illustrate, photograph… and do whatever is needed to help ensure that Seven Miles is looking its very best when presented to the world.

Product styling and photography by Tanya Zouev and Hannah Puechmarin.

Wilde Specialty Coffee… blended in honour of Oscar Wilde, polarising and deliciously different.

Cultivar: a seasonal blend of specialty coffees sourced for their distinctive flavour.