SU Australia

SU Australia is a non-profit organisation with a focus on children and young people. SUA had previously been operating as separate, state-led entities and was transitioning to becoming one national organisation and they approached Boheem to lead them through the rebrand.

We are big believers in ensuring that rebranding is undertaken with consideration and careful strategy. With this in mind we suggested engaging a brand strategist and we worked in partnership with this person for the entire process.

The mark is a stylised monogram, combining the letters ‘S’ and ‘U. It is also a lamp, referencing the long-standing existing symbol and paying homage to the brand’s heritage as well as international networks. A bespoke typeface was also developed as a key visual asset for the brand. ‘Come as You Are’ is made up of letters that have ‘nicks’ and cuts in different places. The concept around this is based on the idea that everyone belongs – SUA invites people to be part of their community, with brokenness and flaws, as they are.